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Building a Distinct Brand Voice

Human brains are wired to put things in categories. Having a KNOWABLE brand category, they’re more likely to give your brand attention! That's why it's so important for you to share who you are and what you’re about via a CLEAR and DISTINCT brand personality!

Don’t Miss All The Heart

In the first 30 minutes together, I tell my clients three annoying (but unavoidable) TRUTHS about brand building. And then I ask them to pinky swear they'll take a deep breath when they come up (they always come up), remember 'this is unavoidable' and keep going.

Here's one of the three:

Okay. BUT WHY?

Describing WHAT you do is 3% of what you need to attract clients. Describing WHY you do it is the other 97%. Here’s some advice about how to get started identifying your Brand’s WHY….

Why Categories Matter To Your Bottom Line

Categories are an important part of a brand strategy and I recommend figuring out yours. Instead of recording individual experiences, humans have evolved the ability to detect commonalities across experiences that allow us to group them into meaningful (to us) categories. you can HELP your ideal client REMEMBER YOU and UNDERSTAND YOU by being clear about your business category. Here’s how: