You want to connect with more clients, but how? You’re not alone in asking. The answer lies in my

Ideal Client Interview Guide

MAKE AN IMPRESSION like the brands you admire.

Maggie Bergin, Founder of Be Understood Branding


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“Your Ideal Client interview template was so powerful. I didn’t have to worry about questions, and I learned so much about who I am serving and how and why. So thank YOU. You’re one of the first branding experts who did not make me feel like I wanted to throw up a little in my mouth when I heard the words ‘branding persona’” .
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“I bought your Ideal Client Interview guide and WOW! is what I have to say about it. I’ve only done 3 interviews and patterns are already emerging. It’s stuff I would not have predicted or thought of. What a powerful place to start! If nobody has told you yet today that you know your stuff, let me be the first to do it. You know your stuff!”
Pamela W.
Pamela W.
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Your ideal client interview guide was so incredibly helpful and I've already been able to target my website in the way I want. Thank you so much!


  • Who to interview

    The FOUR categories of people you want to interview, the categories to leave out and how to ensure a consent-based, enthusiastic ‘Yes!' from the folks you ask.

  • How to start the call

    Start on the right foot with everyone feeling comfortable and calm.

  • What questions to ask

    A list of all the questions to ask and the order in which to ask them is included. You’ll be relieved by what's NOT on the list.

  • Where to conduct interviews

    To get the best answers, the location of your interview REALLY matters. I explain where to host your meetings, where NOT to host meetings and why.

  • How to capture gems

    Exactly what to listen for so you don't miss ANYTHING that can help you grow your client list.

Understanding your Ideal Client's worldview is your super power. If you haven't interviewed ideal clients, you are running your business without your super power.


Then what? This guide includes a FREE GIFT to help you INTEGRATE what you learn into your brand strategy in 30 minutes.


"I don't have time."Okay it's time for some tough love

What clients want to hear isn't what you think!

In interviews, clients will tell you things you would not have predicted or thought of. They literally give you the keys to communicating. You're great at what you do. But you're not-so-great (yet) at TALKING to your favorite people (the people who bring sales notification to your inbox) in a way that connects and lands. It's okay! This guide fixes that fundamental problem.

You don't have a way of saying 'Hi', 'I see you', or 'WELCOME'.

Because you're second guess your marketing, sales and copy you're spending $ and wasting time. When interviews are done, you're done wondering how to connect with and land more clients.

Your ideal clients are being pulled in 45 directions.

Clients don't want to hear about you. They really don't. They WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THEMSELVES. So the only way to get their attention is to quickly and respectfully say I SEE YOU. You get about 10 seconds to make a connection and right now they're scrolling past you. This guide will CHANGE that.