Build yoru brand with Maggie Bergin, Owner of Be Understood Branding

No more blending in. nail the intangible, gut-level essence of your business.

The biggest result of the program was clarity. The whole process was so thoughtfully constructed. By the end…I felt confident in my brand.
Be Understood’s Brand Strategy Program helped me get clear about how to package and present my work to the right people.
Every small business owner needs a Brand Strategy to help them get clear about what they do, why it matters, and who they want to work with.


You’re doing a not-so-great job of communicating the value and impact of your service.

You’re mad because 1. You are incredible at what you do and 2. Helping people is important to you.

You go deep. You don’t dabble. You are so knowledgeable, in fact, potential clients can’t get a read on you and therefore aren’t hiring you.

It’s NOT YOUR MARKETING. It’s because you don’t know the 6 things below.


  • Session 1 - Your Offer & Its Why

    Establish your brand foundations instead of just rearranging deck chairs. Customers will hire you if they trust that you are an expert in your offer(s) and if they understand the impact of your offer(s) on them.

  • Session 2 - Your Brand Personality

    Intrigue prospective clients instead of blending in. A well-defined, consistent Brand Personality CONNECTS your clients to you! a well-defined Brand Personality is what CONNECTS clients to you because it makes you KNOWABLE. Humans want to spend time with knowable people!

  • Session 3 - Your Brand Benefit

    Own the high ground as the go-to guide for clients. Adult human brains only notice what stands out to them. We'll develop your distinct, relevant brand points-of-difference so you can convey your uniqueness in a crowded marketplace and answer the question, "Why should I be interested in you as opposed to a competitor?"

  • Session 4 - Your Emotional Connection

    You could work for years crafting the BEST, most AMAZING service on the planet and it WILL NOT MATTER unless people connect emotionally with it. You want people to hire you? Figure out how people will feel something to connect with your brand on an emotional level.

  • Session 5 - Your Brand Positioning

    Starbucks or Dunkin? That's Brand Positioning. You need to be THAT clear in the mind of your clients. Where do you uniquely play in your industry? A brand position plants a flag, claiming YOUR spot so clients can find you!

  • Session 6 - Your Ideal Client

    Call in your right-fit clients instead of screaming into the void. If you’re ‘off’ in your understanding of what motivates clients, you’ve been touting things they DO NOT CARE ABOUT. When you know exactly what motivates them, you can pull out a chair because they’re happy to sit at your table.

You'll build everything above plusThese added bonuses

  • Free Build Your Brand Session

    We build your brand strategy in the first six sessions. We'll use this bonus session to practice USING IT with a marketing, sales or copy project of your choosing. Past clients have use this session to update website copy or create a funding pitch deck.

  • Ideal Client Interview Guide

    As a small business, understanding your Ideal Client is your super power, your lasso of truth, your Thor's hammer. If you’re not interviewing ideal clients, you are running your business without your super power. I give you EVERYTHING you need to understand and speak to your client's worldview

  • Digital Content Bank

    With a Brand Strategy will literally NEVER have to think about what to post about ever again. Not only will I give you the template, but I will also help you complete it during our work together.



What makes now the right time to invest in a brand strategy?

You didn't come this far just to get this far.

Getting more of those dream clients you love doesn't require a crazy marketing spend or reshaping your whole biz. It starts with understanding your head-turning, heart-opening brand positioning. Once your brand strategy is built, no more wondering how to connect with and land more clients. Every single one of my clients has made back (and more!) their investment in two months.

Talking about your work is NOT your zone of genius.

When the call is coming from inside the house, you can't describe the house! You're too close to your work to figure out how to talk about it. I know this sounds weird but: you know too much to do this alone! If you could do this alone, you would have done it already.

You've already downloaded a $29 'Brand Strategy' guide.

Charting an authentic brand requires lifting up the hood, getting messy, and asking tough questions. Stop struggling to stand out from the crowd by peddling forgettable, vague messaging that has customers hitting snooze and work with an expert instead.

Client reviews

Kind Words

The investment is more than worth the money.

Maggie teaches with love and wisdom. The investment is more than worth the money. Every week [of Be Understood Brand Strategy Program] is full of gems for each participant. Its hard to pick the best thing, but if I have to it would be: Eye Opening. It really clarified my voice and the community was beautiful.

Dr. Joli Hamilton
Now I'm confident & excited to talk about what makes us different from other Dog Daycare companies because I know those differences MATTER to our clients.

Before I built our brand strategy with Maggie, I was nervous & overwhelmed about how to grow my company, Bark Avenue, in a way that was aligned with my values and goals. Now I’m confident & excited to talk about what makes us different from other Dog Daycare companies. Working with Maggie, I really learned a lot about how to talk about what we do and I feel more confident as a business owner now.

Amanda Rotondo
Maggie’s well-planned sessions and positive energy framed an excellent group collaboration.

Maggie’s well-planned sessions and positive energy framed an excellent group collaboration. Her program provided our team with the support we needed for our unique branding process (we were merging two brands). Thru Be Understood Branding’s program, we generated a clear and authentic understanding of our organization and partners, which will help us better serve the people we work with every day.

Our brand is now clear about who we are AND who we are not, allowing us to move forward as a growing organization. I highly recommend working with Maggie and Be Understood Branding if you and your team are looking to enhance your clarity and connection.

Professor Justin Evanonich

You’re already a brand. Let’s make it distinct and irresistible, together!

You’ve poured your heart, soul, and skills into creating an incredible brand. But are you properly communicating that value and seeing the financial returns to match?

Service businesses who shrug off strategic branding run the risk of fading into a forgettable, commodity-priced trough.

Continuing to chase random tactics like Instagram ads without establishing your brand foundations is just rearranging deck chairs.

Don’t let that be you a year from now – still struggling to command higher rates, attract your dream clients, and secure the business you deserve.