Buzzfeed Loved Them, but Their Story Was Missing

My client was an event venue: built-in 1848, powered by renewable energy, and named by Buzzfeed as one of 15 top wedding venues in the country. The space was perfect, but the story and brand positioning was missing. The owner hired me to build an immediately clear, distinct brand.

Mill 1 lived in a very crowded industry. Within a small area, there were over 30 event venues. And more coming online every year. Most were refurbished barns or New England hotels. In the beginning of the brand strategy, I put it like this: the choices for couples were paisley carpet, ship lap, or Mill 1.

In the search for a real, unique and special space, there was nothing more authentic than Mill 1. We needed to highlight the venue’s zero net energy status. And ideal client interviews revealed the reason couples chose Mill 1 was their ability to personalize a classically gorgeous space both in terms of decor, bar options and food (Mill 1 allowed clients to choose among a list of caterers).

I recommended telling real stories of couples and their experience personalizing Mill 1, which had the added bonus of giving us a chance to build relationships with the photographers and vendors featured in the weddings we chose to highlight.

A brand strategy culminated in a new website that tells the stories of Mill 1 couples.

I worked with exceptional designer Susie Roselle who designed the site.

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