This Branding Mistake Makes My Eye Twitch

A call with a prospective client last week made my eye twitch. Here’s why and what I said to her about it:

A call with a prospective client last week made my eye twitch. She told me another Branding Consultant (whose product costs 5x what Brand Camp costs) told her she had to choose between LUXURY/CLASSY and RUGGED/POWERFUL because her brand COULDN’T BE BOTH.

That’s nonsense.

Your brand is whatever is true about your brand.


  • Land Rover

  • Oprah

  • Lululemon

  • Omega watches

  • Brené Brown

  • FedEx

Consultants who try to stuff your brand in a box make my face twitch because if you stuff your brand into a box, your ideal client isn’t going to see you because they’re not going to connect with you. Duh.

Think About RuPaul’s Dragrace Participants

Think about how specific each of them are. Do you think they didn’t work on that?  I guarantee they fucking worked on that. They work their asses off on that, and that’s why you remember them.

Now Think of Your One Friend

You know the one. The one who knows who she is and what she’s about. I’ll give you a second.

Picture her.

Wasn’t that what drew you to her? She doesn’t promise to transform your life, but you are going to follow her wherever she goes on the planet because she knows who she is, and what she’s about.

I want your brand to be like that, because that is where connection comes from.

Okay, Three Other Examples Then I’ll Stop

Branding is not about being a word nazi. Branding is the strategy that identifies you, so you can choose words that allow you to REGISTER in the brain of your ideal client.

Who would you rather collaborate with? This person:

I’m a virtual Operations Director. I will transform your back-end operations.

Or this person:

I’m a Digital Momentum Creator who will clean up and organize your operation systems.

Who would you rather hire? This person:

I am a Brand Strategist who will transform your brand.

OR this person:

I’m a Brand Strategist and I want to help you kick vagueness in the dick.

Who would you rather work with? This person:

I’m a Career Coach who will transform your relationship to work.

OR this person:

I’m a Career Coach who is grounded in research, but who leads with heart.

I’m guessing you’d want to work with the latter in all three examples, but how do YOU come up with brand-aligned words?! Listen: not knowing how to describe your work is really normal, and many service-based businesses struggle with this! The good news is, I can help you with it and we can turn this situation around.

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