A strong, clear WHY converts fans to clients. What’s your brand’s WHY?

CAN YOU EXPLAIN YOUR brand’s WHY? Want to try?

Do you answer the question ‘‘WHY do you do what you do?’ regularly in your marketing? A strong, clear WHY converts clients which is why (see what I did there) it’s part of my Brand Strategy Program.

But how do you build your compelling WHY?

Here’s an *actual* *literal* word-for-word* conversation I had with a client:

Me: What do you do?
Client: “I build things.”
Me: Why?
Client: “Um. I like building things?”
Me: Okay, but why do you like building things? What do you like about it?
Client: “I like making spaces for people that they really enjoy.”
Me: Why?
Client: *thinks*
Client: “Because the spaces people spend time in matters to their quality of life.”
Me: Matters HOW?
“I believe when humans are connected to their Client: environment, they feel grounded. And whole. A great space can bring sense to a senseless world.”

Would you hire someone who likes building things? Or would you hire someone who believes a great space can bring sense to a senseless world? I MEAN.

CAN YOU EXPLAIN YOUR brand’s WHY? No, but want to try? I have an offer for you: email me your draft OR final brand WHY and I’ll give you my feedback for free! 

We business owners live so much in our big analytical brains. Expressing your WHY requires getting out of our logical mind and into what’s important to us, what motivates us, what we care deeply about. Which is really hard to do by yourself. I’m so excited to see your why! Click the link above.

Your why is one part of your Brand Strategy. If you’d like help building your Brand Strategy, including your WHY, I’d love to help.