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You want people to hire you.

You need a brand strategy.

Turn the heads of your ideal clients, explain how you are distinct & your offer is irresistible with a Brand Strategy.

How Do We

I help folks with a big juicy idea, product or service make people say:

"That’s for me. I need that. I want that!"

You know how you’re REALLY great at the thing you do? But you’re not-so-great at TALKING about the thing you do?

I fix that problem.

The bridge between the great thing you do and TALKING about it is a BRAND STRATEGY.



The product you’re building, the service you’re offering, the idea you’re growing solves a big, juicy problem.

But you don’t know how to talk about it in a way that LANDS CLIENTS. You know you can do better at connecting.


You know some brands are irresistible while others miss the mark. A brand strategy is how you BUILD CONNECTION like the brands you admire.

You have 8 seconds to get and keep someone’s attention and you know you can do better at getting folks’ attention.


You’re ready to grow but you don’t have the messaging, copy or sales communication make it happen. 

Marketers need a Brand Strategy to build a great campaign. You know you can do better at getting things off your plate.


You want your brand to stand out. You want to plant a flag that says  “This is where we play”.

But you have no idea how your brand can stand out like this.

You know you can do better at standing out.

Client reviews

Kind Words

Client reviews

Kind Words

Just say yes to collaborating with Maggie.

Just say yes to collaborating with Maggie! After one intense kickoff meeting, Maggie understood how I differentiated my approach from a very crowded marketplace and knew where to position me as a unique contributor. Even more importantly, she understood and respected my voice, and could create a brand identity and content that reflected how I present myself to the world. She has a sharp ear for great stories and writing and is a keystone to helping me share my work with clients.

Dr. Nayla Bahri
She goes the extra mile for her clients and is fully invested in your success!

Not only is Maggie a brilliant branding strategist, she is a delightful human being! She goes the extra mile for her clients and is fully invested in your success. She helped me stay focused, and made the challenging work of developing a brand fun!

Amelia Roberts
Now I'm confident & excited to talk about what makes us different from other Dog Daycare companies because I know those differences MATTER to our clients.

Before I built our brand strategy with Maggie, I was nervous & overwhelmed about how to grow my company, Bark Avenue, in a way that was aligned with my values and goals. Now I’m confident & excited to talk about what makes us different from other Dog Daycare companies. Working with Maggie, I really learned a lot about how to talk about what we do and I feel more confident as a business owner now.

Amanda Rotondo

Why Choose
Be Understood Branding?

If you’re this far below the fold, I think you already know why you should hire me to help you build your brand.  But f you’re still in doubt:

  1. Re-read the testimonials above.
  2. Watch this video.

Meet Maggie Bergin, your Brand Strategist.

When it comes to brand building, you have 3 options.  Be Understood Branding is the Goldilocks option for your growing brand.

Option 1

Download a ‘Brand Strategy’ digital PDF usually about $40. No opportunity to get your questions answered. No industry-specific examples to help you understand concepts. No iteration beyond the first draft. No copy editor. And no expert to CAPTURE GEMS while keeping you moving.

Option 2

You’re making bank. I mean the kind of BANK to afford a $30,000-$80,000 in-depth brand strategy process facilitated by a senior brand strategist with a giant firm that serves mini-muffins at meetings. All the ideal client research will be done by that firm.

Option 3

Our Brand Strategy Program – the Goldilocks of brand strategies includes everything in Option 2 with three exceptions:
  1. No mini muffins.
  2. YOU talk to ideal clients & LEARN what they want.
  3. A low-four-figure investment – JUST right for a growth-focused business.