Be Understood Be Clear Be Remembered Be Hired .

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You want to speak the powerful truth of your work to customers via messages they love.

You need a brand strategy.

Turn the heads of your ideal clients, explain how you are distinct & your offer is irresistible with a Brand Strategy.

What is

We help small brands rise above their competitors via a distinct, irresistible brand strategy.

If you could build a Brand Strategy by yourself, you would have done it already.

Folks need a way to CONNECT before they’ll hire you. And a Brand Strategy is how you do that.

81% of consumers make buying decisions based on brand trust.

That trust is created through brand consistency and clear positioning.

Let’s get everything pulling in the same direction: creating brand trust.



You’re great at what you do BUT not-so-great at talking about what you do.


You have 8 seconds to get and keep someone’s attention and you know you can do better.


Because you’re ready to grow and need an assist getting everything pulling in the same direction.


Your customers are exhausted and busy. If you want their attention, you must BE CLEAR to BE UNDERSTOOD

Client reviews

Kind Words

Client reviews

Kind Words

I love and admire the attentiveness that you gave to both me and the brand process!

Maggie was awesome. She really guided me through the whole process and I looked forward to our weekly meetings. She’s an expert in her field, that’s obvious. But she also understands a consumer’s point of view. Maggie helped me to craft my words, in order to speak *directly* to my ideal client. And we had fun in the process! The realness, relateability, honesty, the way she executes the strategy sessions is a dream.

Joanna McClean
My team loved the process and we all grew.

Maggie is clear, straightforward, collaborative, smart as a whip and a TEACHER! She did not do it for us, but guided us to dig deep and drew our brand strategy out of us. My team loved the process and we all grew. Maggie is a kick-ass, laser-focused strategist delivered with care-bear sunshine.

Mariam Parineh
Magic Maggie - as I call her - is a joy to work with!

I found myself excited about every session because Maggie presented the information in an engaging way and was able to provide cool, relevant examples that helped me really ‘get it’.

That light bulb moment when it became so much easier to explain WTF I do, why and how?

Maggie’s facilitation and wonderful program did that.

Rahgna J. Lewis

Why Choose
Be Understood Branding?

If you’re this far down my homepage, I think you already know why. If you’re still in doubt:

  1. Read the testimonials above.
  2. Watch this video.

Meet Maggie Bergin, your Brand Strategist.

When it comes to brand building, you have 3 options.  Be Understood Branding is the Goldilocks option for your growing brand.

Option 1

Download a ‘Brand Strategy’ digital PDF usually about $40. No opportunity to get your questions answered. No industry-specific examples to help you understand concepts. No iteration beyond the first draft. No copy editor. And no expert to CAPTURE GEMS while keeping you moving.

Option 2

You’re making bank. I mean the kind of BANK to afford a $30,000-$80,000 in-depth brand strategy process facilitated by a senior brand strategist with a giant firm that serves mini-muffins at meetings. All the ideal client research will be done by that firm.

Option 3

Our Brand Strategy Program – the Goldilocks of brand strategies includes everything in Option 2 with three exceptions:
  1. No mini muffins.
  2. YOU talk to ideal clients & LEARN what they want.
  3. A low-four-figure investment – JUST right for a growth-focused business.