Unleash Your Inner Icon:

Discover the Unique-To-Your-Brand Secret Language That Turns Prospects into Paying Clients*

*Psst… you’re already amazing. Let’s give you the exact words to make more prospects see it too.

The Outcomes: Unlock Your Brand’s Personal Messaging Keys

Discover the magic words that make your ideal clients feel seen, heard, and understood so much they’ll be looking around for hidden cameras. Say goodbye to generic messaging and hello to exactly what to say to have conversations that convert.

Uncover the secret motivations that drive your ideal clients to take action. When you know what makes them tick, you'll be able to craft irresistible offers they can't refuse.

Master the art of standing out in a sea of sameness. You're not the only person who does what you do. But you’re the only one who does it like you. With laser-focused insights into your ideal clients' unique characteristics and motivators, you'll create a connection that's impossible to ignore.

Transform your marketing from "meh" to mesmerizing by tapping into the power of shared experiences. When your brand speaks directly to your ideal clients' deepest concerns, they'll feel like you're reading their minds!

What's Inside: Everything To Make Prospects Pick You

The Language of Love

Discover the exact words and phrases your ideal clients use to describe their dreams, desires, and challenges. It's like having a secret decoder ring for saying ‘I see you and here’s how I’ll help’.

The Outcome Oracle

Gain crystal-clear clarity on what your ideal clients truly want and need from your services. When you know their deepest desires, you'll be able to explain how your offer solves their problem with ease.

The Client Connection Compass

Uncover the common experiences and patterns that unite your ideal clients. With this powerful knowledge, you'll be able to navigate the waters of client attraction like a pro!

Your Ideal Client Whisperer,

Maggie Bergin

Hey there, I’m Maggie Bergin – Brand Strategist and founder of Be Understood Branding. My superpower is hearing the special patterns of experience across multiple clients and crafting those patterns into messaging that speaks to exactly what motivates people. 

Hire me to “Unleash Your Inner Icon” and let’s transform those glowing testimonials into a non-stop client attraction machine. Together, we’ll make your brand not just visible, but utterly unforgettable. Get ready to step into the spotlight and have prospects see the star you are.